FireFlex Yoga Teacher Training

Training Opportunities


A Course for First Responders – Hosted in the Bay Area

To equip firefighters with skills to bring the benefits of FireFlex Yoga back to your department.

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What makes FireFlex Yoga Unique?

  • Classes are brought into the stations
  • Designed to combat common injuries in Firefighters
  • Mindfulness and stress relief for trauma and high stress environments

Why Attend FireFlex Yoga’s Teacher Training?

  • First responders occupy some of the most difficult, demanding and devastating professions in the country, and yoga is offering important tools to help our first responders stay safe, healthy and fit.
  • First Responders see more loss, premature death and destruction in one day than most of us will witness in a lifetime. Without proactive interventions like yoga first responders are vulnerable to traumatic stress disorders, compassion fatigue, and maladaptive coping strategies.
  • Through yoga first responders are learning how to use their bodies, breath and attention to develop mental and emotional resiliency.
  • Through yoga first responders are using postures and meditation practices to reduce the impact and suffering related to injuries and chronic pain.
  • Yoga practice is improving the quality of attention first responders are bringing to their work and home lives.
  • Yoga practice is helping our first responders to thrive, not just survive.

What will you learn in the Training?

Learn The Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga to First Responders with the FireFlex Yoga Training:

  • You will receive a behind-the-scenes look at the fire responder culture and personality. Having this background and understanding will help you translate the yoga experience for first responders, so that it will be well received.
  • You will learn the FireFlex Yoga Methodology, including how to use the Functional Movement Screen and interoceptive assessment to collect and present data that matter most to first responders and their employers.
  • You will learn how to apply your background in asana, anatomy and mediation to develop specific and targeted sequences that increase functional fitness and reduce the impact of stress and traumatic events on the bodies and mind our first responders.
  • You will learn how to sequence yoga classes to accommodate the most common injuries experienced by fire responders
  • Learn the signs and symptoms of traumatic stress and how to approach yoga teaching from a trauma-sensitive perspective.